The Beginning

My Zen Life

Creating a simpler life doesn’t happen in a day. Over time we hone in on what we really want and leave the rest behind. Life is more peaceful. We are mindful in so many ways and we work towards the simple experiences that bring us joy rather than expecting things to fill us up and make us feel fulfilled. We are working towards authentic.

We are working towards zero waste.
This means letting go of most processed food, buying in bulk, and making meals from scratch. It sounds hard but it’s been relatively easy.

We are embracing doing our own work.
I am making gifts by going back to needle crafts, upcycling things we don’t use anymore, and creating something from nothing. This engages my creative side and I so enjoy it. Now I am putting more thought into gifts. I like that and so do the recipients. I also do my own work around the house and yard including gardening. It’s grounding.

I am buying clothes at the local thrift store.
Instead of just clicking buttons online I am buying more mindfully. Wearing second-hand clothes doesn’t bother me. I look for good quality and classic style that will last. Some of my greatest joys are a simple frugal purchase.

I buy produce at the local sellout store.
These are the fruits and vegetables that aren’t perfect. I totally enjoy paying so much less for produce and saving it from the trash pile. I feel strongly that we have simply become too picky because there is an abundance. Then there is the challenge of using what there is to create recipes for the week. Sometimes if there is a surplus I take them home and freeze them.

My Zen Life is also about meeting other people. Each day of the week I will be writing on a different subject and on Friday I will be giving the list of impressive articles that changed the way I think.

1 thought on “My Zen Life”

  1. It is so lovely that the internet can connect like-minded people with one another. I certainly relate to the ideas you mention here. I’ve found since I began my journey, I’m out cruising on my bicycle more, perusing farmer’s markets, finding uses for “stale” food my partner brings home from the co-op she works at, and yes, diving into the mad fun that thrifting is!! Very glad I found your blog.

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