Stepping Back

Although I love writing I have been having a hard time finding something to write about. I have a good life. Very often I take pictures of the dog or the kids and post them on social media. I read other’s writing and I think that I should comment on some things. I wish that I could say that I enjoy all of this.

Social media has kept me connected to the past and to others without me having to leave my zen house. One thing that I have to admit, though, is that it has not brought me peace. The more I watch social media, the more I dislike it.

I want to take a step back and get back to simple.

Maybe I’ll call someone, you know, on the telephone.
I’ll stop by the bookstore and pick up some classics.
Perhaps my husband and I will have an actual conversation after dinner.
Walking more in silence sounds good.
I won’t even track the miles.
The garden to bed for the winter and the yard calls to me.

All I know is that there has been a restlessness that I can’t shake.
There is a longing for peace that I feel is coming soon.