Growing My Own Tea



Last year I planted mint and spearmint. It spread and held on nicely through the winter with a cover on it. This year it has produced gallon bags of mint for tea. I dry it in the mild sun or the dehydrator. In the tea garden, I added Lavender, Cinnamon Basil, Italian Basil, and Lemon Grass.  The Lavender won’t really produce for another couple years I think but the Cinnamon and Italian Basil has been divine to add to a mixture of Flat Leaf Parsley and Mixed Mint.  I also blended in some Rose Hips that I bought in bulk.

I thought that it would be harder to grow my own herbal teas but it just took some creativity and some patience. It has worked so well that I am thinking of not planting vegetables next year and planting lovely wildflowers instead.