Thoughtful Thursday and Bread Crumb Cookies

After my early morning routine, I spent two hours with an 89 year old telling stories then came home to beans for lunch and a bit of crochet while I read and listened to Arnold Bennett’s Mental Efficiency. Here’s the audio version. While I listened I also found a recipe for Bread Crumb Cookies to make for tea time. We use Splenda in place of the sugar of course and my homemade bread crumbs that we squirrel away in the freezer.



On the way to pick up the teen, I sang along to Celine Dion in the car. One of my favorite memories of my Mother was singing to the radio in the car with her. It’s still one of my best pastimes to enjoy the present moment in the afternoon.




Tonight the menu says pizza so it’s a thin pizza crust, Rinaldi pizza sauce from the dollar store, and Daiya Vegan Mozarella style cheese from WinCo Foods. I add a little ground garlic, salt and pepper, and pepperocini slices on my half. When the current crusts from the dollar store are gone, I’ll be making my own whole wheat ones with the bread machine since we keep 50 pounds of flour at home and want zero waste.



We’ll make popcorn the way my Mom used to make it tonight by using a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, Medium-high heat, and a few tablespoons of popcorn along with a couple of pinches of salt. Then it’s all up to sight and sound.