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Growing Herbal Tea


Who knew that you could make herbal tea and other beverages from Citronella Plants?

I did some investigating and it turns out that Citronella is not only in Lemon Grass but also in a Geranium, Pelargonium citrosum.  It’s commonly called the Mosquito Plant or Mosquito Geranium. Don’t confuse it with others called the Mosquito Plant as well though.

I bought these two last spring in the hopes of keeping the little bugs away from the patio. Although it seems to deter them when I crush a leaf in my hand and rub it on my arms, the plant itself just smells good and doesn’t really seem to make a difference on the patio.

While doing some investigating herbs to grow for tea I stumbled upon the fact that I can actually use the leaves either fresh or dried in tea or other beverages. Here I was thinking I would have to purchase Lemon Grass starts to get that fresh lemon taste all winter and behold I have something I can use already.

I have already taken a few sprigs to make new starts and as all Geraniums, it’s easy to grow new plants from clippings.  I’ll make a tutorial if anyone is interested. This plant is also easy to grow in pots in the house over the winter or to pull from the dirt and hang upside down in a place like a basement or a garage to overwinter. In the spring you just trim the dead leaves, repot the plant, and water.

Here are the articles I found for reference:

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As fall grows near I will prune my plants and dry the clippings, then place in a sealed glass jar for lemon tea this winter.

This adds to my stock of Mint and Basil that I grow and use now for herbal tea. My goal is to be able to grow most of what we consume. This includes beverages. We buy beans, rice, pasta, whole grains, spices, and nuts in bulk to fill in what we can’t feasibly grow.

More later….