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Simple Exercise


I learned that going to the gym just doesn’t fit into my Zen Life. Gone are the days of my being a gym rat that couldn’t wait to get back to pumping iron. I lived and breathed it. Not anymore. Now I like the simplicity of hitting the local trail with the dog and sometimes with the family. Most days We walk the neighborhood or the closest trail to get in our simple exercise. It just doesn’t make sense to me anymore to pay for a gym membership, the gas to get there, special clothes to work out in, and all the digital music I need to distract me from what I am doing.

When I walk I am never bored because now even the neighborhood changes from day to day. Just watching  the dog get such pleasure out of exploring makes me smile.  I walk at a pretty good clip in order to get the cardiovascular benefits from walking and I try to challenge myself at least twice a week.  At least two other days of the week we walk at a rather leisurely pace and just enjoy the weather, the birds, the plant life, or people watching. We never go home early.

Walking is great for your back, legs, arms, and core if you choose to engage all of them by standing straight and swinging your arms. Pull in your stomach muscles and practice good posture to improve those abdominal muscles.

  • Warm up your joints and muscles before you begin.
  • Start with short distances if you haven’t been active.
  • Add on more distance and/or increase your pace each week.
  • Take a walking buddy to keep you company.
  • Make it a joyous time by smiling as you go.
  • Walk in the light of day in a safe place.
  • Enjoy the scenery of a local park or trail.
  • Change your route to keep it fresh.
  • Have fun.

Sometimes I add in more steps each day by parking farther away from my destination, chasing the dog  or the kids in the backyard,  taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and using my treadmill desk when I write instead of sitting at a desk. Simple walking will help us live a longer, better life.  It doesn’t have to be complicated. Namaste’