Weekly Projects

Week Two Projects

Food: Using the discarded starter from my sourdough, I’ll be making whole wheat sourdough pizza crust tonight as well as using the same recipe for making little round flat breads for sandwiches Saturday and lunches this week. I will also be making more whole wheat crackers and trying two new variations.

Needlework: I made a cotton dishcloth and I’m working on a set of potholders for my own kitchen. I picked up some great yarn for the potholders at the thrift store. It was a steal.

Gardening: Hopefully I can work on the garden this weekend and get some things planted.

Social: This last week was a lesson learned on social media. I reposted what I thought was something sweet about getting along with diversity. It turned into a tongue lashing from someone I barely know that took it much differently than it was intended. I have no need for unnecessary drama. I’m done with social media.

Family: We went to see the play Mary Poppins at the local highschool last Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. This Saturday it’s the boy’s turn to take me to Cabela’s new store near us. It’s only fair.

Exercise: We’ll be moving the treadmill back to the master bedroom next to his new elliptical. No more sitting on our butts watching TV. If we are watching we are going to be moving too. It’s been rainy all week so Melvin is still waiting for his walk. 😉

Zero Waste: I felt that I was very successful shipping this week with less than 5 packaged items purchased. Everything else was in bulk. It makes me very happy.

Going Green: We should hear something this week on our solar bid. If it works we plan to put solar on our house as our major improvement this year.

Meditation: My mind had been challenged by constant running thoughts and some anger that was over silly things. I’m disengaging from the unnecessary and going to work on staying in the present moment along with my projects that make me happy.