Morning Routine


Wake up Early
I usually get up at 4 or 5am. Admittedly, it’s a little crazy to the rest of the world but it’s my morning peaceful time that no one wants to interrupt.

Take Care of the Furry Critter
The first thing I do is come downstairs, turn off the house alarm, turn on the Keurig Machine, and let Rogue out. When he joyfully comes back in he wants his snack so I grab him one out of his cupboard in the kitchen.

Make Coffee or Tea
Making my morning coffee or tea is a ritual. I buy bulk Italian Roast at the local WinCo Foods Store and grind it at home with my Cuisinart Coffee Grinder that my daughter bought us for Christmas years ago. I spoon it into a little manual brew basket and place my second hand big white cup underneath to catch the black brew when it comes out. I generally like it just strong and black but if the mood strikes me I’ll add some soy milk and sweetener.

Oranges and Beauty
After a quiet cup of coffee, I break out the oranges in a lovely glass bowl. I also grab a small clove of garlic. I eat my oranges while I listen to the daily Beltaine Cottage update. The last slice of orange I keep and squeeze the juice into one palm to wipe my face with, while the remaining I put on my nails. Then I peel the clove of garlic and rub the juice on my nails and let it sit there. The citrus juice exfoliates and nourishes. Garlic helps repair my nails.

The early morning is when I do my best writing. Lately, I’ve been starting my daily post at this time then add to it during the day unless I have a particular subject that I want to write about, then I write it all in one go. The Rogue snuggles up next to me while I write so it’s a cozy time.

Right before 6 am, I wash off all of the orange and garlic and apply olive oil to my hands and face.

Cuddle Time
I’m lucky that the teen still wants to get up early and read with me in the morning. At 6 he comes downstairs and reads his book while I read the news. Most days I also put on my makeup during this time because it’s not complicated. I sneak in NPR news so that the teen doesn’t really realize that I’m teaching him something.

Prep time
At 630 am the teen has breakfast and I go into the kitchen to manage dishes such as emptying the dishwasher or loading it if there are dishes in the sink. I also make a lunch for him if he hasn’t already done it the night before and wipe off counters etc. I start bread or the slow cooker if need be.

Family Coffee
at 710ish the teen is dressed and ready for the day and we all gather in the living room for coffee, reading, and conversation before we head to school.

Travel and News
At 730 we go out the door to school and the Rogue gets to go for a car ride. We listen to the BBC News on the way so that the teen once again isn’t suspicious.